App Share: Block annoying Ads with Blokada

I don’t know about you, but I love free stuff. Especially free apps.  The caveat, free apps usually flood you with unwanted ads. Worst, you’ll end up seeing pervy images and have you red faced in public (I am looking at you Bigo!).


I know devs push ads to their app to earn a living, but it is simply annoying at times. Here is my unsolicited advice to you, download Blokada.

What is Blokada?

“Blokada is a compact app that transparently blocks unwanted content like ads, tracking, malware and other annoyances. It protects your privacy, saves your data plan and makes your device faster by preventing it from downloading and displaying unnecessary content.

Blokada works across all of your apps, not only the browser! It doesn’t require root, supports both wifi and mobile networks, and is perfectly safe and simple to use. Just turn it on, and it will do the job silently!”


+ Blocks Ads
+ Saves your data and battery
+ Free (no ads!)
+ Simple, modern UI
+ Hassle free setup
+ IMO the best ad blocker for Android out there!
+ No root required

No support for IOS (yet).
 Aggressive. If your webpage doesn’t load or your download does not push thru, stop Blokada first. Another work around is to put the website in Blokada’s whitelist.

Do not take my word for it. Try it! It’s free! No ads!

Download Blokada

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*This is not a sponsored post. That is the dream though.


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